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Brian Role`

Professional Magic and Illusion Show
Malta's Top Award Winning Magician

Available in Malta, Gozo and beyond.

Magic and Illusion Shows
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Brian Role` provides the following types of performances:

CLOSE UP MAGIC - This is intimate one-to-one magic to use as a strolling solution or table-to-table solution. Ideal for restaurants, corporate events, dinners, conferences, weddings and/or as a strolling attraction during fairs and exhibitions.

PARLOUR MAGIC SHOWS – For special occasions and private events in smaller venues or private residences where space may be an issue for a stage show but a show would be preferred to close-up-magic or an addition prior to or after a session of close-up-magic.

STAGE SHOWS – For clients who have venues with a stage or events that have a stage and wish to offer a live show to a sitting or standing audience. Suitable venues such as theatres, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, public events, corporate events, exhibitions, theme parks and other occasions where such a show is desirable. 

When your event depends on the best quality entertainment to entertain your guests, trust Brian Role` to deliver a truly expert and professional service tahgt will engage your guests and make it memorable for you and them. 

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Brian Role - Magician Malta

From a humble hobby that started at home in Malta into a lifetime international career and profession. Dedication, passion, creativity and a different perspective is what makes Brian Role` unique.
This is Brian Role` and his mission of commitment through a life of magic and illusion. 

Since 1997
Magician in Malta Brian Role

Brian, the magician from Malta, begun offering shows on a professional basis since 1997. He brings surprise and wonder to audiences around the world. Now people consider him to be the magician in Malta able to amaze the world! His love of magic goes back to when he was old enough to hold a deck of cards. This is the reason why he is the person to summon if a professional magic service is essential.

A major element driving Brian in his professional magic career is the wonderment he creates in audiences. The expressions of sheer astonishment, as borrowed items vanish and reappear from the audience’s hands during close up magic. The hushing sound in the sense of awe an audience experiences when they see something impossible happen in front of their eyes during stage magic. These are what push Brian to scale even greater heights as a master illusionist.

Brian is a well respected member of  highly recognised international magic organisations that define the standards of excellence in this field. These include:  the International Brotherhood of Magicians ,The Magic Circle, the Society of American Magicians and the International Society of Magicians.

His aim to provide professional magic services worldwide does not hinder him from providing it in his land of birth. There Brian regularly performs  a large number of shows. These range from theatre performances to high quality corporate events throughout Malta and Gozo. With a number of events in the pipeline he never is idle  entertaining audiences.  

live shows

Brian Role` is capable to provide different kind of shows for almost any kind of event. Choose from Close Up Magic for table to table or roaming situations, parlour shows for a small seated audience in a small venue or stage magic for theatres and venues with a larger performing area and audience. 

Close Up Magic

Close up magic is great for roaming situations such as stand up receptions, seated dinners where the magician roams and provides magic at each table or for small groups of people. It is suitable at any sort of venue.

Parlour Magic Shows

Parlor magic is great for a small sized audience in a seated type setting. The show has a set duration where as a group, the audience get to watch a live performance usually made of of different intertwining acts that complete the show.

Stage Magic

Stage magic and illusion shows are great for theatre or larger venues with a bigger audience. The audience may be seated in a theatre type setting or standing like a concert type setting. Bigger illusions may be used for visibility. 

Do not compromise get the best
make it memorable!

You need the best, whether your event is going to take place only once or whether this may be an ongoing event. A one off event has to be the best it can ever get. An ongoing event has to maintain top standards at all times. Brian guarantees that he will offer you his experience on a professional level while remaining ethical towards his peers and leaving your mind at rest with his attained qualifications enabling him to perform only the best quality magic for you. 


Ensure the magician is well experienced. With thousands of performances, in private homes, hotels, resorts, in theatres and on cruise ships, Brian Role` is well experienced for any sort of event. 


Brian has been performing magic as his only profession since 2002. Remaining entirely focused performance of magic on a full time basis, attains the quality standards required to perform worldwide.


Brian creates his own acts and routines. He purchases the rights and licenses to ethically perform specific illusions and magic props created by other magicians and performs them with full permission. 


Brian is a member of several international magic clubs including the most prestigious of them all, The Magic Circle. Attaining membership requires examinations but The Magic Circle exams are the strictest.


Brian's clients include hundreds of private individuals who have booked Brian's shows for their events, their children's parties, their wedding or other occasions where they felt that Brian could fit in and entertain their guests. Brian has also served hundreds of companies by performing for them and their guests at their gala dinners, conventions and other sort of gatherings both formal like conferences or informal like staff parties. Other clients include the cruise ship industry, hotels and resorts and theatres as well as production companies seeking the foremost professional magic and illusion consultancy for their productions in Malta and Gozo. His clients have booked him for the most intimate of events onto the largest type of event aimed to attract and entertain big crowds. Such clients include top brands such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Mercedes, Ibereojet, Jet Airways, SiGMA, Betson and many, many others. 

STAR Awards Event

Client - VisitMalta


Client - DB Group

Colorline Cruise Ship

Client - Colorline


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Why Brian

Brian understands his clients' requirements and is always ready to provide the best options based on his professional experience gained by performing globally, in all sorts of venues, since 1997.


If you book Brian, trust him to deliver his obligations with met expectations. Brian will be ready to commence his performance as per any pre discussed agreement and will not disappoint you or your guests under any circumstances. 


Brian offers some exclusive magic that other magicians cannot perform because they have been specifically created for him or he own exclusive rights. More so, while others may try to imitate his magic, they cannot imitate his personality.